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Meet Our Volunteers

The Board of Directors, elected by the members at the Annual Meeting each year, is responsible to the members for the operation of the credit union. The Board of Directors determines the operating policies, sets the rates of interest on loans and declared the dividends. The President of the Credit Union supervises the staff and the day to day operation of the credit union office and reports directly to the board.

Board of Directors:  2017-2018

http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Chairman - Chris Lampley
http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Vice Chairman - Nick Murray
http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Secretary - Eric James
http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Treasurer - Toni Harvey
http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Membership Chairman - John Caywood

Supervisory Committee:  2017-2018

http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Chairman - Toni Harvey
http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Volunteer - Nick Murray
http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Volunteer - Lisa Rodden
http://www.alconnet.com/usCreditUnion/upload/nonIndexable/redarrow.gif Volunteer - Beverly Stookey